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Canada is included in the first world countries because of its progress and development. Canada is an amazing country which has fantastic living standard and working environment. Moreover, there are handsome salary packages as well as other facilities like social security. The majority of the qualified and skilled immigrants want to reside in this country. Although this country has god job opportunities,

but there are some jobs which are frequently available. Canada insurance sector always look for qualified and energetic individuals to filling the vacant position. In the last few years the insurance sector is rapidly growing and increasing its field force or number of employees. This insurance industry continually hiring new young and qualified individuals to enhances the performance of this sector. The young people from other countries or immigrants can easily get such type of jobs in this industry and can earn handsome salary packages. The insurance industry is the best for the young and confident individuals because insurance companies pay more than any other organization. Moreover, there are some other bounces on police or insurance referral.
The resident of Canada as well as the immigrant from other countries can easily get a job in this sector because the majority of the people are ignoring this industry. The majority of the people thinking about the sales representative, but this the only way to enter in this filed, but there are many other jobs in this industry. However, besides sales representatives there are some other positions like customer service position, job in claim department, risk management consultants and insurance investigation officer. In this insurance industry there are different jobs from sales representative to management officer. This insurance industry is fantastic for those who want to get swift promotion within no time. There are three main types of insurance sector like life, health and finance. The large numbers of people are aware about life insurance, but there are many other insurance sectors like health insurance and property insurance. The followings are some important jobs title or position in insurance industry and all jobs are filled according to qualification and experience.
Actuary job in insurance industry in Canada.
Actuary job title is for the insurance statistician and he is the person that analysis the damage or lost in any mishap. This person is expert in health insurance, life insurance, property and casualties. The actuary calculates the premiums after calculating risk factors. He is the responsible of setting annuity rates. This job needs basic knowledge of actuarial science and customer handling skills. 
Adjuster job in insurance industry in Canada.
Adjuster or claim adjuster is the person who calculates the claims and specialist in evaluation of insurance policy. The adjuster inspects the damage property and calculates how much insurance will be paid to policyholder against damages. He also conducts interview whenever it required from the policyholder. In health insurance he confirms the types of physician and evaluates the cost of this treatment.
Appraiser job in insurance industry in Canada
This position holder is hired for estimation of insured property and estimate its value. He also estimates the damage property of the policyholder like vehicle. He finally makes a claim cost and determine the final value of the claim.
Agent and broker jobs in insurance industry in Canada. 
The agent or broker also called sales representative have the same job that to contact the client and sell their policies like life insurance, property or health insurance. The representative explains insurance policies and directly contact with clients. The insurance representative has different types of insurance policies. 
Loss control specialist job in insurance industry in Canada. 
The loss controls specialist checks your property or insured item and provides suggestion to minimize the chance of accident. He also gives some helpful tips to avoid any risk which may happen in the future, but after his suggestion it may be stopped.
Underwriter job in insurance industry in Canada. 
The underwriter is the individual who analysis the risk factors and decide to issue or not the relevant insurance policy. He also determines the premium and coverage offered by the insurance company. The majority of underwriter has experience or expertise in one sector of insurance like health or property. 
Canada insurance job requirements
In Canada there is no specific qualification is required in this insurance sector, but the convincing power or confidence. However, there are so many other jobs in insurance industry those needs some specific type of qualification just as in management jobs. However, mainly this industry demands degree in mathematics, business administration or commerce. There are few basic certification and licenses which enhance growth rate in this industry like GIE, CIP, FCIP and LLQP. However, there are some basic or personal requirements for this insurance job like confidence, punctuality, alertness and patience. It is also vital that the insurance person must have good communication skills and convincing power.


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