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Teaching is a popular profession, and with many areas of the UK experiencing teacher shortages, it is no wonder that many people are looking for teaching jobs in UK. If you are interested in applying for vacancies in schools or colleges, this article will tell you where to start and how to maximize your chances of securing a position. While all areas of the UK require teachers year round, there are some regions that are suffering from teacher shortages. If you are trying to get a job quickly you should concentrate your search in the South East where there are generally a larger number of vacant positions.

Primary or Secondary

Most areas in the UK now have a two tier system, primary and secondary education. Some areas are still three tiers, with First, Middle and High schools; however these are now being phased out. If you are qualiäed to work with younger children you will be able to änd employment in a nursery, ärst or primary school while those experienced with children over the age of 11 can änd work in a middle, high or secondary school or perhaps in a sixth form college if you are qualiäed to teach to A level standard. In most areas there are more vacancies at secondary level than at primary, and some subjects are considered to be "shortage subjects" as there are fewer teachers applying for positions. These include sciences, mathematics and in some areas, English. Teachers offering these subjects may be able to demand higher salaries. 

Required Qualiácations.

In order to teach in the UK as a qualiäed teacher you must have either a teaching degree (with a BA or BEd qualiäcation) or a PGCE, which is awarded after one year's postgraduate study. An equivalent qualiäcation will be accepted if the candidate trained abroad, however they must possess åuent English language skills. It is possible to teach as an unqualiäed teacher in the UK with a lesser qualiäcation and classroom experience; however the salary is much lower.  

Finding a Teaching Job.

One of the best ways to änd a teaching job in the UK is to visit the website of the county council that you would like  to work for. Each district will have their own school's teaching vacancies listed and often, applications can be made online, although sometimes application forms must be completed in paper form, either by requesting it by post from the school directly or by downloading and printing the form and delivering it to the school. It is also possible to änd some nationwide vacancies listed on the TES website. These listings also include some private sector education jobs as well as public schools. There are also many employment agencies that specialize in änding work for qualiäed teachers. It is possible to register with more than one teaching agency to maximize your work opportunities. Some agencies will änd you day to day supply work while others will offer you longer term positions for a term or more. Some may even be able to secure you permanent employment with an educational institution. 

Applying for a Teaching Job  

Most teaching applications involve completing a standard application form outlining your work experience and qualiäcations. A large section of the form will involve writing your personal statement, which is your opportunity to detail why you are perfect for the position. Be sure to promote yourself in this statement by showing your willingness to offer extra-curricular activities, and mentioning any previous whole school activities or initiatives that you have implemented. Competition in some areas can be very high, so make sure to highlight all your selling points to maximize your chances of being offered an interview. 


If the school likes your application forms they will offer you an interview. This may take place over more than one day, and usually involves a teaching observation as well as a discussion with the head teacher and members of the governing body. Some schools may also ask for a presentation or a group work activity as part of the interview process. There are lots of websites available that help you to prepare for your interview in order to ensure you have the best possible chance of securing your dream job. 


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