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Saudi Arabia is situated in between the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea. This country has large export of oil to other parts of the world. This country has hundreds of native and foreign companies working in different domains like constructions and oil exploring. Similarly, there are huge industrial network in this country as well as other commercial organizations. All these industries, companies and other organization demands skilled employees from other countries. The oil and gas exploring companies are performing different works in oil exploring, extracting and transportation to other parts of the country. The construction companies building the infrastructure of this country like roads, highways and building. The other offices, commercial organizations and business unites also needs qualified and experience employees from other region of the world. The construction companies require civil engineers, surveyors, mason, labor, electricians, welders, drivers, plumbers, supervisors and other related individuals. Similarly, the oil companies need petroleum engineers, geologists, surveyors, plumbers, drivers, drillers and other technical workers. Saudi Arabian employer or companies usually publish these vacant positions in newspapers and jobs advertising websites.

How to apply Saudi Arabian jobs.
All Saudi Arabian jobs are published and advertised in leading newspapers and online websites. There are two main ways through an applicant can apply for these vacant advertised jobs. The simple and easy method of application is online application and the other method is application through courier service. The online application is filled out by applicant on given application format. The online application demands personal, academic and other information. However, some time this online application needs scan denouements. The postal or courier application demands application along with other supporting documents. The postal application must be reached prior to the last date of application submission. These Saudi Arabian jobs also filled with the assistance of the recruiting agencies or agents. These agencies also advertise these jobs in newspapers and conduct interview under the supervision of the employer.
Saudi Arabia work visa procedure.
The work visa is required for the overseas employee who, is coming in this country to work in a specific field. The work visa is usually arranged by Saudi Arabian employer or industry. The work visa for this country must be arranged before the entry to this country. All overseas workers having skills and experience must be required work visa to enter in this country. The employer must have a license that allows the employer to hire the foreign employees. The employer initially gets his employer license from the Ministry of Interior. The employer or his representative submits the case for hiring the overseas employee in the labor ministry. The employer or his representative submit job offer letter and other relevant documents of the employee and requires for inducting the overseas employee. This process takes about two to three months. The labor ministry checks all the provided documents and refers this case to Ministry of Foreign Affairs for issuing visa authorization number and it will take two weeks.

The work visa is issued from Saudi Arabian embassy of the employee native country. The embassy also takes some time for reviewing the all provided documents. The employee or recruiting agent collects this work entry visa from Saudi embassy. The worker can travel on this entry works visa to this country and this entry visa is valid for three months. On this entry visa ground the employee applies for Iqama at Ministry of labor. The interior ministry in Saudi Arabia releases Iqama or resident permit that allows the employee to live and work in this country until the expiry of this work visa. The Ministry of Interior also issues exit and re-entry permit to employee whenever needed. However, all these documents demand medical clearance certificate from the recommended hospital.

Saudi Arabia work visa requirements
Saudi Arabia often needs skilled employees from overseas and for those it demands work visa. The work visa initially requires job offer letter from Saudi Arabian employer or company. The job offers letter contains whole information regarding the nature of job, salary package and working hours as well as provided facilities from the employer. The work visa for this country demands some core documents from the employer and employee for further process. The main requirement for this work visa is that the hired employee must have related experience and qualification. However, the followings are some basic requirement for this work permits or visa. 1. The work visa application on recommended application form and filled out according to instructions.
2. Valid passport of the worker and other travelling documents. 
3. Fresh passport sized color pictures of the work visa applicant. 
4. Valid contract letter issued from the employer and verified from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
5. Visa processing fee receipt attached with application. 
6. Copies of academic documents and other official papers like experience letter or covering letter. 
7. Medical fitness certificate from the recommended hospital. 
8. Police clearance certificate from the native country of the applicant.

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