Saudi Arabia security jobs requirements

Saudi Arabia is a large Islamic country of the Arabian world and it is financially stabled country of the world. There are is huge influx of the visitors and tourists from other region of the world to this country for religious practices and employment. In this country, during the hajj event there is large crowd on the people and that need security. The security is the prime issue of the every country included Saudi Arabia.

Security is now cosmopolitan issue and whole world facing difficulties in this regard. The security men are required in all public places like airports, railway stations, oil refineries, oil sites, shopping malls, educational institutes, workplaces and personal defense. The people of this country also hire personal security guards for the protection of home and property. The security men protect the visitors, employees and other public in different areas. The security jobs are usually advertised in leading Arabic and English newspapers as well as online websites. Saudi Arabian security job are fantastic because of salary package and other facilities. These securities men are facilitated by providing accommodation, food and medical assistance.
The security jobs are also handed over to the recruiting agencies or recruiting agents. The recruiting agencies also advertise these jobs in newspapers and arrange tests and interviews. Saudi Arabian authorities conduct tests and interview of the invited security guard in their offices. The security guard candidate can apply thorough online as well as by sending application through postal services. The online application is simple and easy because it requires filling out provided application form. The application's form demands some personal information about the applicant like qualification, experience, nationality, age and other expertise. The online application demands scan copies of concerned documents. The postal application needs to attach all relevant documents like academic documents, experience certificate and other related papers. The online application is a swift, secure and free mode. However, this needs to filled out the provided application form. However, sometime this application from needs scan documents like certification, pictures, etc.
Saudi Arabia security jobs visa process
Saudi Arabia authorities select the security guard after taking tests and interview. Saudi Arabia employer or company initially releases the sponsor letter. The sponsor letter and other related documents are filed in the labor ministry for issuing entry permit on the behalf of the employee. The employee from all other countries enters in this country on entry visa. The labor ministry takes time to check all provided documents and included employer license. The authorities confirm from the labor market that there should be no unemployed in this country to get this job. In case there is no one available to get this job then authorities issue the entry work visa. The sponsor letter from the employer and entry permit is posted to employee to stamps work visa. Saudi Arabian embassy from the native country of the employee stamps this work visa. On this entry works visa the employee enter in Saudi Arabia and then he arranges residence visa and labor card. The security guard needs medical clearance certificate from Saudi Arabian hospital. The residence visa or Iqama allows the security men to live and work in this country until them maturity of work visa. The employee has two to three months to arrange all these basic requirements of this country prior to take job in this country. It is necessary for the security job employee to complete his all documents within due date. This work visa is issued for a specific time and after that if the employer needs the services of the employee, then he can renewed his work visa. The renewal fee must be deposited by the employee to get new work visa for another term.
Saudi Arabia security jobs requirements.
Saudi Arabia security jobs are required in almost all companies, industries, homes, educational institutes and other organization. These securities job demands sponsor letter or appointment letter from the company or employer. Moreover, it is also necessary for the security jobs that the applicant must be in good physical condition and has basic education. The majority of the security companies like experience individuals retired from the armed forces or police department. The security job applicant must understand basic English to communicate foreign individuals. The followings are some fundamental documents or papers which are required in this security jobs. 
1. Valid passport of the security job applicant and other travelling documents. The validity of this passport must be over six months. 
2. A valid job offer letter from the employer duly signed and verified by the labor ministry.
3. Attested copies of academic documents, covering letter and experience certificate. 
4. Recent passport sized color pictures of the security job applicant.
5. Health fitness certificate from Saudi Arabian recommended hospital. 
6. Police security certificate from the security work visa applicant own country.


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