Saudi Arabia oil and gas jobs process

Saudi Arabia is a famous Islamic country in Arab and it is full of natural resources like oil and gas. Saudi Arabia exports oil to other region of the world and earn revenue for the country. This country has largest oil and gas reservoirs in the world. This country depends upon the oil commodities and generates national economy from this source. There are various national and international companies exploring oil and gas and other natural resources from this part of the world.

These companies are operating in different sectors from oil exploring to refining and transportation. These native and overseas companies require different employees to fill the employee's shortage. There are hundreds of jobs which are related to this field and all jobs need experience and relevant experience. There are different kinds of jobs in this oil and gas sector like management jobs, traders' jobs, filed jobs and other related jobs. The major jobs, which are required from this oil and gas sector are engineering jobs, geologists jobs, surveyors jobs and welder's jobs. Similarly, pipe fitter's jobs, driver jobs, drillers jobs, machine's operator jobs, labor jobs are also included. All these jobs demand a valid works visa of this country that is arranged by the employer or company. 
1. Executive Assistants jobs. 
The executive assistants assist the executives of the oil and gas company and arrange different tasks for the executive. The executive assistant is responsible for the all business affairs, booking, reservation, appointments of the visitors, travel arrangements, diary managements setting meetings and keeping a track of expenditures. The executive assistant also assists in private matters like paying utility bills, security arrangement and arranges passport or visas. The salary of this job is different because of experience and performance. The minimum requirement for this oil and gas executive assistant is bachelor degree and at least two years experience. Moreover, it is also necessary that the executive assistant must have good communication skills, management skills and other personal features. The executive assistant must have a good time management, language skills, basic computer knowledge like MS Excel, Office, MS Word, MS PowerPoint.
2. Electrical Engineer jobs
The electrical engineer jobs are very important because in oil and gas companies there are various equipment, which are on electricity. The engineers maintain and keep in order all these machines. The electrical engineers design, configuration and electrical devices and provide solution of different disorders. The electrical engineers also modify the equipment and adjust the electrical devices according to the need of the company. The electrical engineer in oil and gas industry performs important tasks and keeps the system in running. The basic qualification for this electrical engineer job is B.Sc engineering Electrical, Electronics and Mechanics. However, this job demands at least three to four years relevant experience. The electrical engineer must have some other additional skills like good relationship with company other employees, good knowledge of latest technology and system. He should know the computer and its basic knowledge like automation and engineering technology.
3. Drilling supervisor jobs
The oil and gas is extracted from the deep wells and that need drilling. The drilling is a technical job that demands skills. The drilling supervisor control and supervised all drillers and provide directions. The drilling supervisor control all activates which are going on in the field. The drilling supervisor must know the operational field environment; he must understand MPD and UBD practices, control pressure engineering, Data accusation, etc. Saudi Arabian oil and gas companies prefer those candidates having offshore certification like BOSIET/ HUET. Moreover, the drilling supervisor should have certification in IWCF or IADC.
4. Welder jobs
The welder is responsible to repair and stop leakage from the pipelines. Similarly, the welder also welds all equipment related to the oil and gas company's machines and tools. It is necessary that the welder should be equipped with basic welding techniques and certifications from the vocational institute. Besides these there are different other jobs related to the oil and gas are hired by the authorities like rigger, electrician, crane operator mechanic, plumber, power plant operator and labors. Saudi Arabia oil and gas jobs are filled with experienced, skilled and qualified employed.
Saudi Arabia oil and gas jobs process
Saudi Arabia oil and gas authorities arrange work visa for the newly appointed employee. The employer or his representative files the case in the Saudi Chamber of Commerce and Industry for entry visa. The authority after confirmation of all documents issues the entry visa with the assistance of Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The employee enters in this country on entry visa and then applies for Iqama and labor card. These two official documents need medical fitness certificate from Saudi Arabian hospital. The employee completes this process within two months. The employee works visa is valid for limited time, but it can be renewed by depositing renewal fee.


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