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Saudi Arabia is a rich country because of its oil exports and the standards of living of the inhabitants are marvelous. The majority of the people of this country have enough money and facilitate that is why they hire different types of servants including house maids. Housemaids work in the hospitality industry, private homes and hospitals. The prime responsibility of these house maids is cleaning and dusting the allocated area. The housemaid job is available both in part–time and full-time. This job requires physical fitness because of hard work. Saudi Arabian people usually hire these house maids from other countries to clean the home and other housework. The house maids are usually skilled and have experience with this field. The house maids are usually females, but male maids are also working in different homes and hotels. The house maids earns handsome salary package from the employer and other facilities like accommodation, food and medical assistance. The followings are the main responsibilities of the house maids in this country.

Saudi Arabia house maid responsibilities
The house maid cleans and neat the given area of home, hotel or hospital. The cleanliness and dusting must be according to the requirement and standard. The house maid performs these activities on the daily basis. The house maid cleans rooms, furniture, carpets, windows and other decoration pieces. The house maid use vacuumed cleaners to clean the carpets and rugs. The housemaid also washes clothes, kitchenware, floors, ironing and attend telephone calls. House maid also care the old ages people or sick individuals in home. She also cares the kids, help in dressing, eating and feedings. She also purchases grocery items for kitchen from the market. In this country, the house maids also cook foods and dishes for the residents of the home.

Saudi Arabia house maid requirements
Saudi Arabian homes hire house maids from other region of the world and offers handsome salaries. It is necessary for the house maid that she has enough experience of this filed. It is also compulsory that she can work independently without assistance of any other. The house maid should be active, punctual and alert. The house maid should have basic schooling and language ability to communicate. It is necessary for the house maid that she can arrange all the things are tasks within given time. The house maid’s jobs are required in different filed like homes, hotels, hospitals, hostels and baby care centers. 

How to apply house maids jobs in Saudi Arabia. 
Saudi Arabia employer, hotel managements, hospital managements, hostel administration or kids’ centers advertise these jobs in leading Arabic and English newspapers.  Similarly, the employer for personal home service also publishes vacancy in newspapers. All these managements conduct test and interview and hire more suitable house maids according to their experience and skills. House maids from all over the world can apply online as well as through courier’s service. The online application is very simple and just demands given application form that requires the personal information as well as professional details. These vacancies also filled with the assistance of local recruiting agencies or agents. However, there are many employers who personally contact the house maids and hire according to mutual terms and conditions. 

House maid work visa process in Saudi Arabia. 
The selected house maid needs a process to invite in this country through proper channel. The ministry of labor announced that the employer will directly apply to house maids visas. However, in past the private recruiting agencies get this work visa and hire the house maids from overseas. The foreign resident in this country can hire the house maid from other countries. In case they have businesses occupation according Iqama otherwise they are not allowed to induct house maid from abroad. The labor ministry decides the hiring of house maid from abroad. In case the ministry allows then the house maid will enter on entry visa and that will change later into Iqama. In this country, there are different kinds of agencies who can facilities the employer in the process of house maid hiring. The Iqama holder having the followings categories are not permitted hire the house maid like farmer, labor, driver, watchman, etc.

House maid work visa requirements
It is necessary for the sponsor in Saudi Arabia that his salary should be more than SR 6000. The sponsor will receive the Form from the Maktab Al-Istaqdam and fill out according to his latest profession like businessman, (Muthtasmer or Ragul Amaal). In case all the documents are correct and then they confirm the visa. After releasing, the visa from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs it is sent to the house maid country with power of attorney to agent that can be stamped her passport. However, the followings documents are required like. 
1. Valid passport of the house maid and other traveling documents.
2. Sponsor letter duly signed and verified. 
3. Recent passport sized color pictures of house maid.

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