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Saudi Arabia welcomes millions of the people from other countries of the world in this country. The visitors usually visit this country for religious ceremonies like Hajj and Umrah. However, other than these the businessmen, tourist and other visitors also visit this country round the year. Saudi Arabia is the top oil export in the world and that is why hundreds of businessmen also visit this country for this purpose.

All the visitors, tourists and other people are accommodated in world class hotels and restaurants. Saudi Arabia has fantastic hotels in entire country to facilitate the foreign guest and visitors. Saudi Arabia hotels provide first class facilities in the form of accommodation, dishes and comfort. Saudi Arabian hotels offer fantastic services through their experience, skilled and qualified hotel staff. The hotel staff is usually hired from the abroad to provide high quality service to international gusts. Saudi Arabian hotel jobs are usually advertised in the leading Arabic and English newspapers. These jobs are also announced in hotels own websites, similarly, the jobs also announced in the jobs advertising websites. These hotels job are also filled with the assistance of the local recruiting agents or recruiting agencies. Saudi Arabia usually advertises hotel jobs in different categories like hotel manager, receptionist, housekeeper, porter, chef, waiter, driver and security guards. All these jobs are filled with more suitable, experienced and qualified individuals.
How to apply hotel jobs.
Saudi Arabian hotels are world class according to be provided facilities and services. Hotels in this  part of the world has the qualified and talented staff. The hotel jobs are normally published in famous newspapers, online websites of hotels and other jobs advertising websites. The majority of the applicant in respondent applies online through provided application form. The applicant for these hotels’s job can also apply though courier services with supporting documents. The online application demands personal details, qualification and experience in relevant field. The postal application needs application along with other academic and professional documents. The local, recruiting agencies or agents also publish these vacant hotel jobs in newspapers and arrange interviews under the control of Saudi Arabian hotel management. The selected applicant's passports are collected by the local recruiting agent and arrange work visa for that particular applicant. The simple and swift method of application is online on a provided application form that demands some basic information about the applicant.
Saudi Arabia hotel job work visa process.
Saudi Arabian hotel management or employer arranges the work visa for the newly appointed hotel employee. The representative of the hotel submits a case in the Saudi Chamber of Commerce and Industry for entry visa for the new appointed worker. The hotel usually issue the job offer letter that has the jobs details, salary package, working hours, nature of job and other details. This chamber of commerce after thoroughly checking the submitted documents sent this file to Ministry of Foreign Affairs for visa stamping. The visa processing fee is deposited by the employer. The chamber of commerce confirm from the labor market about the status of available employees. In case there is no one available in the country to get this job then the employer is allowed to hire oversea employee. The hotel employee after landing this country on entry visa and then arrange resident visa and labor card. The medical examination is also necessary for the hotel employee. The work visa is valid for a limited time and it can be renewed after the expiry date. The renewal fee is deposited by the work visa applicant. 
Saudi Arabia hotel job requirements.
Saudi Arabian hotel jobs are different according to the nature of job and that is why they need different qualification and experience. The hotel management usually hires hotel manager and he must have relevant degree in management science, business administration or commerce background. The receptionist jobs need degree or certification in public relation or hospitality. Similarly, the receptionist must have basic computer knowledge. The chef is the key requirement of the hotel and he must have certification in food preparation specifically Chinese, Italian, Intercontinental and native dishes. The waiter's jobs are important and they have a direct contact with the guests they must have graduation and good communication skills. Hotel driver's jobs require valid driving license and experience. All hotel jobs require specific qualification and experience. The followings are some fundamental requirement for hotel jobs in Saudi Arabia. 
1. Hotel job offer letter signed by the hotel management and verified.
2. Valid passport of the applicant and its validity should be more than six months. 
3. Copies of all academic documents like degree, certificate or diplomas. 
4. Recent passport sized color pictures of applicant.
5. Health fitness certificate from Saudi hospital that includes X-rays, blood and urine examination.
6. Police clearance certificate from the native country of the hotel job applicant.

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