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Saudi Arabia is a vast Arab country of Islamic world and it has huge influx of visitors in the form of hajj and Umrah pilgrimage. Saudi Arabia is full of natural resources like oil and natural gas. The oil is being exported to other region of the world and earns major revenue for this nation. In this country, there are hundreds of national and international companies operating in different sectors. The majority of the companies are working in construction sector, but other are operating in oil and gas exploring, extracting and refining.

All these companies, business units, banks, hospital, hotels, offices, educational institutes and private person require drivers. The driving jobs are common in this part of the world companies usually hire heavy vehicles drivers for their heavy machines and other transport. There are two main kinds of drivers like heavy vehicles drivers and light vehicles drivers. The companies usually hire heavy vehicles drivers for trucks, tankers and trailers. Similarly, educational institutes like school need heavy vehicle driver for their buses. The driving jobs in Saudi Arabia demands valid heavy vehicle or light vehicle driving license. The private companies and business also need light vehicles drivers; similarly, drivers are also hired by personal vehicles. 
Saudi Arabia hires skilled, trained, qualified and licensed holder drivers in both capacities like light vehicles and heavy vehicles drivers from overseas. The requirement age for these drivers in this country is 18 years old. The individuals under the age of 18 years are not allowed for this job. The other condition is that the drivers must have their own driving license and have the sense of driving in this country. Moreover, the drive must be aware about the road signs, signals and instructions displayed by the highway authorities.
The individuals from the countries like the United States and United Kingdom can get the driving job in this country without any driving test or interview. Similarly, the driving license issued from the Gulf Cooperation Council may be accepted by the Saudi Arabian authorities. The overseas drivers require to clear the driving test arrange by the Saudi Arabian government under the control of the General Department of Traffic of Riyadh. However, the drivers having enough experience and valid license are acceptable as it is, but there will be basic questions from the traffic authorities regarding the signs. The personal or individuals in this country also advertise theirs vacant driving jobs in newspapers and hire driver according to their needs.
How to apply driving jobs 
Driving job are common in this country and almost all departments and companies need drivers in different capacities. The companies, offices, institutes and personal driver's jobs are advertised in leading newspapers as well as jobs advertising websites. Driver's jobs in Saudi Arabia are also filled with the assistance of the recruiting agencies. The drivers from all over the world can apply online as well as by sending their application through courier services. The recruiting agencies also arrange tests and interviews under the supervision of the Saudi authorities. The selected driver's passports are collected and the driving work visa is arranged by the employer. The companies also arrange the work visa for the drivers. The drivers, having overseas driving license are applicable for these jobs.
Saudi Arabia driving jobs process
Saudi Arabian employer initially issue the job offer letter that contains all terms and conditions including salary package and working hours. The job offers letter and other personal documents of the driver are submitted in the Saudi Chamber of Commerce and Industry for issuing entry visa. The entry visa permits the drivers to enter in this country and its validity is three months. The driver after entering in this country applies for Iqama and labor card. However, prior to this it is necessary to get medical fitness certificate. The Iqama allows the driver to live in this country, but the labor card is required for job. The residence visa is often valid for two years; it can be renewed after depositing visa fee. The renewal fee is usually paid by the driving work visa holder. 
Saudi Arabia driving jobs requirements
The initial requirement for the driving jobs in Saudi Arabia is a valid driving license like heavy vehicles driving license or light vehicles driving license. The applicant of this driving visa must know the road signboard and instructions. The driver must have the basic schooling to understand the cautions and other instructions. Medical fitness is another requirement as well as the mental alertness is also required. The followings are some fundamental documents for this driving job. 
1. The driver must have valid passport, driving license and other travelling documents.
2. Valid job offer letter from the employer or company. 
3. Copies of all concerned documents.
4. Fresh passport sized color photographs of the applicant.
5. Health fitness certificate from the recommended hospital.


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