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Saudi Arabia is a vast country in Arabian world, which is full of natural resources. The main export of this country is petroleum to other region of the world. This country contains hundreds of national and international companies are working in this country like construction and oil exploring. The construction companies are buildings infrastructure on this country.

The construction company accommodates thousands of employees in different capacities. The construction industry offers handsome salary package and other services to the employees as well as accommodation, food and medical facility. Saudi Arabian construction companies advertise their vacant position in leading newspapers and online websites. The construction companies frequently advertise construction jobs in different categories. The followings are some important jobs advertised by the construction companies like superintendents, quantity surveyors, civil engineers and construction managers. Saudi Arabian construction companies always prefer the experienced, qualified and skilled employees for these jobs. It is also necessary that the higher ranked jobs also demands relevant qualification like engineering, surveyors and geologists. The followings are some important jobs in the construction companies.
1. Civil engineering jobs
The civil engineering jobs are important for construction companies and plays an important role in construction industries. The prime responsibilities of the civil engineer are designing, calculation, estimation, compute quantities, field inspection, filed record and supervise. The civil engineer checks the topography of the construction area and takes measures according to the situation. The civil engineer must have relevant degree in civil engineering and at least three to four years experience. He should have expertise in AutoCAD Civil 3D and has a good time management. He must have good communication and other technical skills. Moreover, has the basic knowledge of Microsoft Office software platform.
2. Surveyor jobs
The surveyors job are important and even vital in the construction industries. The surveyors review and check the construction site and get the details of the topography of that particular area. The surveyors conducts site survey through different tools and equipment like measuring tape, hand tools, smart phone, camera, etc. It is necessary for the surveyor that he must have relevant qualification in the form of degree or certifications from recognized institute. He should be equipped with written and oral communication. The surveyor should have expertise in modern devices like computer, camera and smart phone.
3. Construction carpenter jobs
The construction carpenter is required in different construction companies for cutting and reshaping the construction materials. He is responsible to design, building and repairs structures. He also fixes different types of materials like wood, plastic and steel. He works and fixes door, widows and other woodwork in the building.
4. Construction electrician jobs
The electrician is the person that provides electricity to all parts of the building or house. He installs electric board, wiring and other electricity devices on given areas. Construction electricians also control the whole electric system in the building and repair damaged wires and other devices. Construction electricians need professional qualification in the form of certification and related experience.
5. Mason jobs
The mason is responsible to build rooms, walls and separate different rooms. The mason uses different material in construction like brick, marble, and concrete blocks. Mason jobs usually need experience of this filed, but some time have basic certification from the vocational institutes. 
6. Plumber jobs
The plumber plays vital role in construction companies and install different kinds of pipes. The plumber is also responsible for installation of sewage and draining pipelines. The prime responsibility of the plumber is to fit the washrooms accessories, kitchen accessories and other general water supplies lines. The plumbers usually have certification from the vocational institutes. Saudi Arabian construction companies prefer experience plumbers.
7. Welder jobs
The welders are also necessary for the construction companies and welds different broken materials. The welders usually repair different things in the construction companies. This job needs experience in relevant field.
8. Glazier jobs
In construction companies glazier install and fit glasses in windows and doors. The glazier uses different tools to fit the glass in different places. This job is required in construction companies and demands some experience. 
 9. Plasterer jobs
The plasterer cover the walls and roofs with plaster. Similarly, there are different areas in construction site where plasterer use plaster to protect the walls from decay. 
Besides, these mentioned jobs there are different other construction trades which are hired by the construction companies. The labors jobs are common and assistants in different categories are also required in different companies. All these construction jobs in Saudi Arabia needs valid work visa from employer or company. This work visa allows the employees to live and work in this country for specific period. However, the work visa can be renewed after depositing work visa renewal fee. The visa renewal fee is usually paid by the employee to get renewal work visa.


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