How To Apply For Oil And Gas Jobs In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arab boasts the second largest oil reserves in the world with an economy which totally depends on oil mining and refining. The wells produce 268 billion barrels per day and requires a considerable amount of workforce both and off field to work on oil production. The country producing 1/5th of all oil in the world offers just as many jobs. The leading jobs required throughout the country include: 1.Executive Assistants Executive assistant is given the responsibility of handling business affairs and private matters of t The job of an Executive Assistant is to take responsibility of the CEO. The business affairs might include booking appointments, travel arrangements, dairy management, setting meetings and keeping a track of expenses. The private matter may include tasks like paying utility bills, school fees, security arrangements, organizing visas and passports etc. The salary for such a position can vary according to the level of performance and experience. The minimum requirements for such a job include a bachelor’s degree and minimum two years’ experience in field preferably in the Oil and gas industry. Personal skills required are good communication skills, presentation skills, time management and the person should know to cry himself. 2.Senior Electrical Engineer  In the world of today, the need of Electrical Engineer is eminent. With massive electrical machines drill and refineries running on electricity, the dependence on engineers to manage them and keep them flowing is huge. Everything runs on electricity and the engineers make it happen. Responsibilities of engineer are to coordinate with oil, gas activities projects, and general issues and serve as a moderator between machines and operators to clarify technical misunderstandings. The requirements for such jobs is an Electrical Engineering Degree with some years of experience in fields of oil and gas exploration. EPCM experience, familiarity with design codes and detailed designed experience is also appreciated. 3.Drilling supervisor  Oil is all about drilling and drilling deep. Drilling is a tough technical job and requires men with careful hands to do the job.  The job for Drilling Supervisor is to control and direct all drilling activities and ensure that all work and drilling operations are carried out on time.  The job requires a degree in Mechanical and Petroleum Engineering degree and at least an experience of 2 years before you can work in Saudi Arab. H2S and IWCF certificates are very essential for the job. The salary usually starts from almost £25,000 and tops with experience in the field. The salaries in oil industry are really high and rewarding although requires top effort. These are the top position required throughout Saudi Arabia for oil and gas production. The jobs mentioned above may require a lot of hard work and work in the field and may not be for everyone but on the other side the reward offered at end of the day is amazing along with other luxurious facilities proved in the oil rich gulf. 

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