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Qatar is a leading country in the Middle East and it is famous for oil and gas export specifically for liquid neural gas. This country has many natural resources and because of these resources the economical condition of this country are outstanding. There are different companies and industries working in different sectors. Qatar has many construction companies, oil and gas petroleum companies working in oil exploring, extracting and

transportation to other region of the country. Besides this there is huge network of the industries. All these industries, companies and other organization demands skilled, experienced and qualified workers from other region of the world. This country has the best strategy regarding the hiring overseas employees. Qatar offers handsome salaries to their employees and other facilities like accommodation, food and medical assistance during their stay in this country. Qatar needs work visa or permit prior to enter in this country. The work visa is obtained by the employer or company from their labor ministry on the behalf of the worker.    
How to apply jobs in Qatar.
The companies and industries in this country usually advertise their vacant position in news papers as well as in the jobs providing websites. The construction companies announce their vacant position like civil engineers, surveyors, masons, labor, welders, plumbers, drivers, carpenters, machine operators, etc. The oil and gas sector usually advertise these jobs just as petroleum engineers, surveyors, geologist, drillers, well operators, drives, plumbers, welders, etc. Similarly, other industries in this country publish their position in newspapers just like workers, supervisors, mechanical engineers, foreman and other related jobs. All these technical jobs demand experience, qualification and skills. Qatar employer prefers the experienced workers from all over the world. They also pay more than normal salary to experienced and skilled employees. The employee or interested candidate can apply both ways like online as well as through postal service. The online application is received on provided application form, but the postal application needs supporting documents. The vacant positions are also filled with the help of local recruiting agents. These agents arrange test and interview under the supervision of the employer or his representative.
Qatar work visa process
Qatar needs work visa from the overseas employees or worker before entering in this country. However, there are some countries in this region and those inhabitants do not need visa to enter in this country. The countries whose national do not need work visa are Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The selected employee after the test and interview need work visa to enter in this country that is arranged by the company or employer. The employer files a case in the Ministry of Interior in Qatar requesting for induction foreign employee. Qatar usually issues two types of work visa to foreign employee like temporary work entry visa and permanent long-term visa. These works visa has different duration of validity, but have the same requirements. 
Temporary entry visa for Qatar.
This employee permits is issued to those employees who have been sponsored by the national of this country. This work visa is sanctioned from the Qatar Immigration Department after thoroughly checking and confirming the provided documents. This visa is issued in the light of short contract job letter. However, this work visa category is for one year and can be renewed if the employer requires the services of the worker for another term.
Permanent long term work visa for Qatar.
This work permits is for those employees having the long plan to live in this country. This work permits is valid for three years. The work visa is managed by the employer after receiving and signed job offer letter from the employee side. The work visa is processed by Ministry of Interior of Qatar and work visa take some time to process. The temporary works visa process in earlier than the permanent long-term work visa. It is necessary for the workers when they want to leave this country, then they need exit visa.
Qatar work visa requirements.
The work visa is the legal document that permits the visa holder to live and work in this country until the expiry of this work visa. There are two different kinds of work visa for this country. They are different because of their validity period, but almost have the same requirements. The job offers is necessary for the work visa from the employer or company. However, the followings are some documents which are required for these work visas. 
1. The passport of the worker and other travelling documents must be valid.
2. Verified copies of all academic and other professional documents.
3. Fresh passport sized color pictures of the worker. 
4. The copy of the contract duly signed by employer and verified by the authorities. 
5. Medical clearance certificate from the recommended hospital. 
6. Security clearance certificate from the belonging country of the employee.


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