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Qatar is located in the Persian Gulf region and it is an Islamic country. Qatar is full of natural resources like oil and natural gas these products are exported to other parts of the world. Qatar is financially stabled country of the Islamic world and provides millions of jobs to overseas employees. Qatar has different types of companies, industries and other organization. There are different kinds of offices, hotels, hospitals and public places.

All these premises need security and this country arranges to quality security to secure the lives and property of the inhabitants as well as foreign residents. Qatar offers fantastic and save environment to visitors, native, commercial units, industries, companies and residential areas. Moreover, this country is providing security to the residents and workers in their workplaces. The security guards and other security men are responsible for this protection from any mishaps and uncertainty. The overall security situation in entire world is not good, but this country tries its level best to save their inhabitants from any kind of danger. There are numbers of security guards hired from overseas to save the public and workers from any type of threats.
Qatar security guard responsibilities
The security person is an important individual who is guarding, the given premises or area. The security guards are usually appointed at the entry gate of the offices, companies, industries, hotels, shopping malls, education institutes, etc. The prime responsibility of the security guard is to ensure the security of the people, safety and well-being of the individuals. The security guard provides excellent services in the form of security and protection. The security guard instantly respond to emergencies and offers assistance where required. He protects the company or organization assets from theft, assault, fire and other damages. The security guard continuously guard, patrol, traffic control, prevention and takes part in investigation. The security men also keenly watch the security devices like cameras, scanners, fire detector, etc. Security guard also uses the metal detector to detect any harmful things from the visitors or people entering in the premises. The security guard is also hired for the personal security in this country and offers handsome salary package with other facilities. 
Qatar security guard qualification and experience.
Qatar security guard is an important part of the security that secures the individuals from any kind of danger. He also protects the property and other assets of the people from irrelevant person. Qatar government always tries to induct more skilled, experienced and qualified security guard from overseas. Qatar usually advertises these jobs in leading newspapers and online websites. It is necessary for the security person that he must meet the set criteria of selection regarding security guard. It is vital for the security guard that he must have at least secondary school certificate or equivalent education. However, it is also compulsory for the security guard that he must be experienced and skillful. The security guard or officer must be active, alert and mentally strong. He can handle the situation independently and aware about all security devices, their uses and monitoring. He should have a good experience of judgment, can stop the suspicious individual and inform the officer immediately.
Qatar security guard visa process
Qatar security officers who apply from the followings countries, then they do not need the work visa like Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. However, other than these countries will enter after getting work visa. The security jobs work visa is arranged by the employer or company. The work visa is released from the Ministry of Interior in Qatar. This country initially issues the temporary or entry visa and then after entering this country issues the permanent long-term visa. The temporary works visa is issued for a limited period and it is approved by the Qatar Immigration Department. This work visa is usually issued for one year. The permanent works visa is also known as residency visa. The work visa is arranged by employer after issuing job offer letter. This category of work visa is released from Ministry of Interior of Qatar. The permanent works visa is valid for three years. These two work visas take different processing time just as the temporary work visa is released earlier than the permanent long-term work visa.
Qatar security guard visa requirement.
The security guard work visa is the basic requirement for this job from the overseas employees. The followings are some basic and vital documents required for this security guard jobs in Qatar. 
1. Applicant for this security works job must have valid passport and other travelling documents.
2. Recent passport sized color pictures of the applicant.
3. Copies of academic documents like certificate and diplomas. 
4. Copy of job offer letter or contract duly signed by the employer. 
5. Medical fitness certificate from the recognized hospital in Qatar. 
6. Security clearance certificate from the belonging country of the security guard. 

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