Qatar oil and gas jobs

Qatar is famous for its oil production and exporting to other region of the world. Similarly, natural gas is also exported to other region of the globe. Qatar is also famous for exporting Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). The financial position of this country is marvelous because these exports. In this country, there are hundreds of native and overseas oil and gas exploring companies are working. There are many skilled and experienced workers are performing their duties in these oil and gas companies. However, these oil and gas companies regularly announce and advertised their vacant position in leading newspapers and online websites. There are different types of jobs which are advertises by the oil and gas companies in this country. The common and frequently advertised jobs are rig hand, derrick operators, derrick hand, rotary drill, machine operators, service unit operators, service rig operator and pipe fitters, welders, plumbers, labors, etc. Besides these jobs there are some high ranked jobs are also announces like civil engineers jobs, surveyors jobs, geologists and other professional jobs.
Civil engineer jobs in Qatar oil and gas sector.
The civil engineer is an important part of the oil and gas sector or companies. There are different types of tasks which are done by the civil engineers. He supervises the digging process for oil and gas extracting. He uses maps and other devices to confirm where to dig the soil. The civil engineer maintains gas pressure and other equipment. He also responds against emergency gas or petrol leakage. The civil engineer also assists the oil and gas company regarding the issues of topography and building installation. The civil engineer job is a professional job that requires a bachelor degree in civil engineering. Moreover, he must have at least five years experience in this filed. The civil engineer must be equipped with AutoCAD proficiency. 
Geologist jobs in Qatar oil and gas sector.
Geologist role in oil and gas companies is very important. He has both practical and theoretical task in oil companies. The geologist understands the nature of the soil and texture of the soil. He collects data, review and then compares these things with other studies. The geologists investigate different sites, collect samples and oversee soil. The oil and gas companies hire geologist from abroad having master degree in this subject as well as relevant experience. 
Surveyor jobs in Qatar oil and gas sector.
The surveyor jobs are necessary for oil and gas companies. The surveyor prepares maps and sketches to understand the given area. He also measures the task site and gets height and depth of the site. The surveyor assists the companies in positioning and location of the operation sites. It is necessary for the surveyor that he must be equipped with relevant certification or degree along with experience. 
Rig hand jobs in Qatar oil and gas sector
The rig operators drills and maintain the equipment. They load and unload pipes and other related machines. They clean workplace, respond any emergency and assist other technicians. The experienced individuals have the basic information of drill pipe, driving ability and travelling thrill. 
Derrick operators jobs in Qatar oil and gas sector
Derrick operators in oil and gas companies mange drills, making holes for oil and gas extraction. They also drop the pipe deep in the soil, connect pipes and then pull out if required. The experience individuals are prefers for this job. 
Derrick hand jobs in Qatar oil and gas sector
Derrick hand assists the drillers and the Derrick hand is also a driller and get this name because of the position of the drill that is top of the derrick. These jobs are also advertised by oil and gas companies in Qatar. 

Machine operators jobs in Qatar oil and gas sector
There are different kinds of machines which are used in oil and gas exploring companies. These machines are operated by skilled and experience machine operators. These jobs are also announced by the oil and gas companies. They usually hire experienced and trained machine operators from abroad.

Drivers jobs in Qatar oil and gas sector
The oil and gas companies in Qatar requires different types of drivers like light vehicles drivers, heavy vehicles drivers as well as machines drivers. All drivers must have valid driving license and related experience. The oil and gas companies usually have heavy vehicles like trucks, tankers and trailers. Similarly, heavy machines like shovels and other machines are also driven by the skilled drivers. It is necessary for the drivers that they must have experience and awareness about the area and traffic signals in this part of the world. Driver jobs in these companies are without any schedule and some time they work round the clock in arid areas. However, drivers earn handsome salaries because of good rate and overtime packages. These drivers job are advertised in newspapers as well as in online websites. 

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