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Qatar is a fantastic Islamic country of the Middle East and this country is full of natural resources. The main export items of this country are oil and natural gas. Qatar earns huge revenue from these two natural products. Qatar inhabitants are financially stabled because of rich country and handsome salaries. The native people are rich because of best provided facilities and economy.

The overseas nationals who are in this country for different purposes are also financially stabled that is why all these families hire different servants from overseas. The native people and foreign residents also hire the house maids from overseas to do the home tasks. The prime responsibilities of these house maids are cleaning, vacuum rugs, washed clothes, dishes, floors, etc. The house maids also take cares the old people and sick individuals. The house maids also take cares the kids, feeding them, changing their dresses, help them in eating and assist in many tasks. The house maids are usually appointed from foreign countries, but it is necessary for the house maids that they must have a relevant experience.
Qatar house maid responsibilities
The house maids are inducted in different sectors, but primary they are hired by the families of this country. Similarly, the house maids are also hired by the hotels and hospitals. The hotels usually hire these house maids for maintaining their rooms and assist the guests in different tasks. The hospital in this country also appoints these house maids to facilitate the patients, managing rooms and wards. The house maids' core responsibilities are cleaning, dusting, vacuuming and changing the bed sheets and cartons. The house maid cleans the house with different machines and equipment. They sweep and vacuumed carpets. The house maids also wash toilets; changes bed sheets, scrub stains and clean trashes. In the kitchen the house maid cooks foods, washes utensils, clean cupboards, dusting table and other furniture.
How to apply Qatar house maid jobs
The house maid job are usually published in leading newspapers both English and Arabic. Similarly, these vacancies are also announced in jobs adverting websites. The house maid jobs are also filled with the assistance of local recruiting agents or agencies. The house maids can apply through online by using the provided application form. The application forms require the personal information of the applicant like name, age, experience, location, contact number, etc. The application forms also demands professional experience and detail of the previous experience. However, some time the online application from needs supporting documents in the form of scan copies. The house maids can apply through postal service along with documents. The selected houses maid enter in this country on valid work visa. The work visa is usually arranged by the employer. The employer initially issue the contract letter or job offer letter that contains all information regarding the job, salary details, nature of job and working hours. 
Qatar house maid jobs visa process 
There are some rules regarding the hiring the house maid from abroad in this part of the world. The single man and married men without their family cannot hire the house maid from overseas. Similarly, the single woman cannot sponsor house maid in this country. It is necessary that a family can hire house maid from foreign, but the income of this family must be over QR 12000 per month. The family, which is going to hire a house maid must have residence permit. The sponsor of the house maid is responsible for his house maid. It is also necessary and compulsory for the sponsor that he will provide food, room and monthly salary in time. The sponsor initially get an application form the ministry of interior and provide his employment contract letter, NOC from his employer, bank statement that he is earning more than QR 12000 per month. Similarly he will provide the copy of marriage certificate, passport and resident permit of all family members. He also provides Qatar ID of both husbands and wife for this process. On approval the applicant will pay QR 1500 for approval and QR 300 for visa releasing. This process will take about two months.
Qatar house maid jobs visa requirements
There are few basic documents which are required for this house maid visa. The primary requirement for this visa is that the sponsor must be legal in this country, having family with them and earns more than QR 12000 per month. The followings documents must be submitted in the immigration department for the hiring house maid from overseas. The followings are some core or fundamental documents required for this visa.
1. The NOC is required from the employer or company to hire a maid. 
2. Copies of valid residence permit of the husband, wife and children. 
3. Copies of the whole family members passports.
4. Copy of marriage certificate duly verified. 
5. Copy of employment contract letter.
6. Bank statement from last six months.


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