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Qatar is enlisted in top financially stabled country of the region. Qatar is rapidly flourishing because of its large exports. The infrastructure in this country is marvelous and that is why tourism is developing in this country. This country encourages foreign employees from other countries of the world. There are numbers of national and internal companies and organizations. All companies, organizations, industries and other business units

offers different types of jobs to overseas employees according to their qualification and skills. Qatar usually offers handsome salaries to their foreign employees with other fundamental facilities. Qatar usually hires professionals and experts from other region of the world, but labor is also inducted from other countries. The health professionals and engineers are usually appointed from abroad and because of these appointments the health facilities in this country are fantastic. The followings are some highly paid jobs in Qatar. 
1. Chief executive officer jobs
The chief executive officer jobs are prevailing in different companies and organizations. The multinational companies in this country appoint this kind of job and it is highly paid job in this region. The CEO job is high rank job in companies and organizations. The main responsibility of chief executive is taking decision for the benefit of the company or organization. He also manages company resources and work between the board of directors and corporate operation. Besides this job title there are some other titles are used for this job like managing director, president, and executive. This job title is highly paid in this country and normally he/she earns about $33,261 in Qatar along with other basic facilities.  
2. Banking jobs in Qatar.
There are many commercial organizations in every country including banks. In Qatar there are numbers of banks because of its strong economy and transactions. The managing jobs in banking sector of this country draws the best salary packages with other recommended facilities. The banking executives are usually has degree in management science, business administration or commerce. However, banking jobs are filled with more suitable, qualified and experienced individual. The average salary for the management individuals is about $15,329 in Qatar.
3. Construction jobs in Qatar.
The FIFA world cup will be held in Qatar in 2022 the first time in history and that is why there are thousands of jobs in this sector. All jobs in construction companies are the best paid jobs in these days. However, engineering and other managerial position in these construction companies are the fantastic. These engineering and managerial jobs are highly paid in this country, which is about $11,705 per month.
4. Information and technology jobs in Qatar.
The information technology jobs are required in different sectors of Qatar like telecommunication, electronics and other related field. The IT professionals are hired from other region of the world to fill the vacant position of this sector. This modern technology is now flourishing in this country and professionals are welcomes and encouraged by the authorities. The average salary of these professionals is $12,428 per month.   
5. Media advertising jobs in Qatar. 
The media, advertising company is required in all parts of the world because this is the age of commercial advertisement. The media advertisers market the products of the manufacture effectively. In Qatar there are many advertising companies and agents doing these jobs. The average salary of the media advertising individual is $11,473 per month.
6. Real estate jobs in Qatar.
The people who are indulging in this real estate sectors earn handsome salaries. The professional involve in construction, housing and marketing houses. The real estate business is the most profitable business and people related with this earns the beast salaries. The average salary in this sector is $11,473 per month.
7. Human Recourse manger job in Qatar.
This job is more demanded in this country because this job is required in every company, office and industry. There are hundreds of companies and organizations which need skilled, experienced and qualified human resource managers. The human resource person draw about $ 10, 550 per month with other facilities. 
8. Health care jobs in Qatar.
In this country, medical professionals jobs are more demanded and that is why are inducted from other countries. The doctors, nurses and laboratories technician are inducted from abroad. These entire professional earn handsome salaries with other packages.
9. Airlines jobs in Qatar. 
Qatar airline is world top class airline and it offers the best salary packages to its employees. Qatar is now a fantastic destination of the tourists and visitors. The airline employee gets the good salaries along with other basic facilities. 
10. Hotels jobs in Qatar.
Qatar hotels are the best according to the provided facilities and services through their qualified employees. The managerial jobs in hotels earn the best salaries and other recommended facilities. The qualified and experienced employees re usually hired from overseas countries.

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