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Qatar is a fantastic Islamic country of the Middle East and it earns it's main economy from the oil and gas export. This country is enlisted in the rich countries because of good financial position in this region. In this country, there are different types of companies, organization and industries and they are doing different tasks. All these companies and industries hires worker from other countries of the world.

Similarly the driver jobs are also filled by inducting light vehicles drivers and heavy vehicles drivers. The construction companies in this part of the world usually needs heavy vehicles drivers for their trucks, trailers and tankers. Similarly, these companies also needs heavy vehicles drivers for their machines operating. The oil and gas companies also require heavy vehicles drivers. However, offices, homes, hotels and hospital demands light vehicles drivers. The fast foods companies and businesses demands light vehicles drivers for their light vehicles. Qatar always tries to hires the skilled, qualified and licensed holder drivers from other countries of the world. The driver jobs also requires as a personal driver at home or offices.
Qatar driving job responsibilities
Qatar driving jobs are important and vital for the companies and industries. In companies and industries usually heavy vehicles drivers are appointed. The main tasks of these drivers are to deliver the goods and other material from delivery point within time. The driver also ensures that his vehicles is in good condition and clean. He also checks the load and demanded product prior to load in his vehicle. He also confirms that the loaded material is in its place properly and gets the details of the load. It is the duty of the heavy vehicle driver that he gets the delivery report from the party after handing over their goods. However, the general responsibilities of the drivers are to pick and drop the passenger, guests and patents. Similarly, drivers also pick and drop the employees from their residential area to workplace and from workplace to their residencies. Drivers also look after their vehicles on the daily basis' as well as weekly. They must check the lights, tires, horn and windshield wipers. The hotels drivers usually pick the passengers from airport to hotel and hotel to other destination. The hospital drivers provide pick and drop to the patients and other hospital staff. The delivery vans deliver different types of foods, beverages and other food stuff to different outlets in the city.
Qatar driving job requirements. 
The prime requirements to light and heavy vehicles drivers are their valid license in heavy or light vehicles category. It is also necessary that the driver must be good in physique and mentally alert. He has good eye and hands contact. The driving license from the GCC countries is acceptable in this country. The driving jobs in this country need minimum three to five years experience. It is also vital for the drivers that he must know the road and area in which he is driving. It is also important that he should be good in moral character as well as punctual. The age limits for drivers in this part of the world is about 35 years. Driver in Qatar must have the basic schooling and can communicate with native people as well as foreign individuals.
How to apply Qatar driving jobs.
Qatar driving jobs are usually advertised in leading newspapers and jobs advertising websites. These driving jobs are also filled with the help of local recruiting agents or agencies. The local, recruiting agent also advertise vacant position of drivers in their native country news papers. Similarly, they also conduct test and interview under the supervision of Qatar employer or company representatives. The applicant for these jobs can apply online through provided application form. The applicant for these jobs can also dispatch his application through postal service, but that application needs relevant documents. The selected drivers from the authorities after taking test and interviews issue entry visa. The work visa is usually arranged by the company or employer. The employer also pays the visa processing fee on the behalf of the employee. Initially the employer issues the job offer letter or contract letter that includes all details of the job and salary package.
Qatar driving jobs requirements.
The most important and vital requirement for this Qatar driving job is valid driving license in relevant category like heavy or light vehicle driving. Similarly, the job offer letter is also required from the employer side which must be signed and verified from the labor ministry. The following some documents must be attached with visa application. 
1. Valid passport of the applicant and other related documents.
2. Valid driving license in relevant category.
3. Recent passport sized color pictures of the applicant.
4. Medical fitness certificate from the recognized hospital.
5. Police clearance certificate from the native country of the applicant.


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