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Qatar is financially stabled country of the Middle East and that is because of its oil and gas reservoirs. The overseas visitors or tourists reside in different hotels and restaurants during their stay in this country. This country offers fantastic accommodation, foods and other services. Qatar has many world class hotels which have qualified and skilled staff. Qatar hotels managements always pick and induct more skilled and qualified

individuals for these hotel jobs. The management of these hotels advertises these hotel jobs in different newspapers and online advertising websites. Hotels in this country also advertise their jobs in their own websites. Hotel jobs in this country offer handsome salaries and other recommended facilities like accommodation, health and other related favors. Hotel jobs are filled with qualified candidates and that is why hotels in this region are marvelous. These services and facilities are world class in Qatar hotels. The followings are some important hotel jobs which are usually advertised in newspapers.
Hotel manager job in Qatar
Hotel manager job is connected with many tasks from employee hiring to firing. Moreover, hotel manager coordinate with other hotel staff. Hotel manager maintains the rooms rent and other managements within hotel. Hotel manager is responsible for marketing, coordinating and administrating. Manager also trains the newly hired staff and mange budgets. He keeps the financial record; manage customer's complaints and queries. Qatar hotels always prefer qualified and experience hotel manager for their hotel. It is necessary that the hotel manager must have degree in management science, business administration and business management. Moreover, he must have good communication skills and basic computer awareness.
Hotel receptionist job in Qatar
Hotel receptionist jobs are common in this country, but they need qualified and experienced receptionist. The receptionist welcomes the guests, booking room, arrange traveling, managing record, guide the guests according to their requirements. Similarly he/she checks in and check out the guests. The receptionist also handles the money in the form of bills and other payments from the gusts side. He also resolves the basic issues of the guests, but it is necessary for the receptionist that he must have at least bachelor degree. It is also compulsory for the receptionist that has good communication skills, basic computer knowledge and office handling.
Hotel housekeeping job in Qatar
Hotels housekeeping jobs are compulsory because the housekeepers mange the rooms, lobby and other areas of the hotel. The housekeeping jobs are usually allotted to female staff and their prime responsibility is maintained and cleaned the rooms. The housekeeper changes the bed sheets, arrange room furniture, clean the entire room and dusting. The housekeeper arranges and manages the hotel rooms according to the hotel policy, but their duty starts when a guest checks out from the hotel. Qatar hotels always hire skilled and experienced housekeepers. 
Hotel chef job in Qatar
The hotel chefs play an important role in the fame of the hotel because of their tasty foods and dishes. The chef works in hotel kitchen and prepare foods according to the instructions of hotel management or guest's desire. The chef usually follows the menus set from the hotel management team. The chef must be experienced and knows all the familiar dishes and foods preparation. Qatar hotels induct skilled, experienced and qualified chefs from overseas. It is necessary for the chef that he must have certification regarding the cooking foods. It is also vital for the chef that he can prepare famous dished like Italian, Chinese, intercontinental and local dishes of this country.
Hotel maintenance staff job in Qatar
The maintenance staff in the hotel ensure that whole machines and equipment are properly working. This staff changes the fused bulb, removes wastes, checking the water lines, room appliances and checks other part of the hotel like swimming pool. This staff also looks after the air-conditioning system and heating system in the hotel. The maintenance staff ensures that all the services provided in the hotel are working properly. 
Hotel waiters job in Qatar
Hotels frequently hire qualified and experience waiters to facilitate the guests and smoothly run the hotel business. The waiters have direct contact with guests and they take orders and serve foods. Similarly they get cash in the form of hotel bill. It is necessary that waiter must be graduated and has a relevant experience as well as good communication skills.
Hotel security staff job in Qatar
Hotel management also ensure the security and safety of their guests that is why they hire security guards. The security guards secure all premises of the hotel and do not permit any suspicious person to enter the premises of the hotel. The security staff protects the hotel round the clock. Qatar hotels usually induct skilled security guards from other countries. Hotels usually prefer to hire ex-service men retired from army or other forces. It is necessary for the security guard that he can handle security devices.


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