Work visa for Dubai

Work visa for Dubai
Dubai is included in the seven Emirates of the United Arab Emirate and it is a business hub of Gulf region. Dubai is famous for its oil and gold ornament exports to other countries of the world. Dubai is also business center in this part of the world and workers from other countries visit this Emirate for different jobs. This Emirate provides jobs in different categories like oil and gas, construction and other related jobs.
All jobs offered to foreign workers demands work visa or work permit that allow the employee to enter in this Emirate and start work, but before this the management advertise all vacant jobs in different newspapers and online websites. Dubai employer and other sponsor always tries to hire more experience and skilled individuals from other countries.

Dubai employer or companies initially published vacant jobs in daily Arabic or English newspapers and then conduct test and interviews through recruiting agencies or agents. These local recruiting agencies take test and interviews under the supervision of the Dubai company heads or experts. They decide and select most skilled and experienced workers among the candidates.
The company heads or employer arrange the work permit for the new appointed employees on the behalf of the employee. The sponsor filed the case in labor ministry and demands work visa and declared that no one is available in Dubai to fill this vacant position. Moreover, pay the fee and other expenditures. On satisfaction labor ministry issue work entry visa to employee to enter this emirate.
Employees or workers from other part of the world who wants to work and live in Dubai need a residency visa that permit him to get work permit or labor card released by the Ministry of Labor. Normally employee arrive in Dubai after getting work visa or permit and it is usually arranged by the employer in UAE and employer is basically sponsored in Dubai.
Moreover, the employer or sponsor also bears the expenditure of work visa and pay all dues on the behalf of the employee. Dubai has different types of work visa or permits and they are different from each other because of duration and other terms and conditions. After getting this work visa, the employee also require a residency visa that permit the employee to live in this Emirate for next three years.
To secure residency permit then applicant need to clear the medical test or exam. The employees who have positive for HIV/AIDS or pulmonary tuberculosis will not secure residence visa and will be expel form the UAE.
The residency visa is necessary for all foreigners that allow the employees to get work permit or labor card released by the Ministry of Labor. After obtaining a health card, the next step is to get labor card from the Dubai ministry of labor. The documents which are required for this lobar card are works contract of offer letter, medical report, sponsor valid license copy and a copy of employee entry visa. Then, applicant will get the resident visa from the Dubai General Directorate of residence and foreign affairs. Resident visa and labor card allow the employee to start your job.
Dubai work visa is the legal document that allows the individual to work and stay in this Emirate for specified time, which is usually three years. Dubai work visa demands some basic and fundamental documents which must be submitted by all Dubai work visa applicant from all over the world.

1. Valid passport of the applicant applying for Dubai work visa and passport validity must be at least six months.
2. Recent passport sized color photographs of the applicant.
3. A valid health card from the health ministry.
4. Resident visa copy.
5. Sponsor licensee copy to trade.
6. Attested copies of all required academic documents of the applicant.
7. At least three copies of work contracts dully signed by the employer.

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