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Dubai is included in the seven Emirates of the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is famous for oil exports and gold markets. The businessmen from all over the world and tourist visit this Emirate for different purposes. The majority of the visitors visits for shopping and business deals, but many of them also visit for just sightseeing. However, all visitors must have a valid visit visa to enter in Dubai. Dubai issues different type of visit visa for different duration and that is why all visits visas have different criteria. Dubai visit visas demands some common requirements from all visitors who are planning to visit this Emirate. Initially must fund themselves during their stay in this country. Simply they have enough funds to support himself in Dubai. Secondly, the visitor must be in good physical condition and thirdly he has a valid visit visa for Dubai. The followings are some major types of visit visa which are valid in this country.

14 Days Dubai visits visa
This 14 day visa visit visa for Dubai permit the visitor to stay in this Emirate for fourteen days from the date of entry to Dubai. This visa takes three to four working days to process and delver to applicant in a PDF or JEPG/JPG format via e-mail.

30 Days Dubai visits visa
This visit visa Dubai permit the visitor to stay in Dubai for thirty days after entering into this Emirate. The visa processing time will be about three to four working days. The visit visa candidate will get through email in the form of a PDF or JEPG/JPG.

90 Days Dubai visits visa
This visit visa Dubai is valid for three months after entering into Dubai. The processing time for this Dubai visits visa is three to four working days. This visit visa will be received by email.

6 Months Multiple visa
This visit visa will be valid for six months and it permits the visa holder to stay in Dubai for six months after entering into Dubai. This visa does not allow the visitor to stay more than 14 extra days after maturity of visa. This visit visa is the best for the businessmen and multinational companies employees.

Dubai visit visa procedure
Dubai visit visa requires a complete visa application form along with supporting documents including visa processing fee receipt. This visa is issued for there to four working days, but some time can be issued in a single day with urgent processing fee. The Dubai visa officer check all the given documents and after confirmation issue the visit visa according to the demands of the applicant in terms of duration. The majority of the Dubai visits visas are sent to applicant on his email address.

Dubai visit visa required documents
Dubai visit visa is an official document that allows the visitor to visit this part of the world. However, this visits visa also needs some confirmation or documented proof from the applicant before the issue of this visits visa. The following basic and fundamental document must be issued from visit visa applicant.
1. Valid passport of the visit visa applicant and it should be valid for at least six months. Moreover, the passport must have at least two blank pages in it.
2. In case of visit visa sponsor from the Dubai he must be legal in Dubai and have enough funds to support the visitor in Dubai.
3. Proof of relationship with visitor.
4. Visitor financial position in the form of current bank statement.
5. Medical fitness certificate form the applicant belonging country.
6. Security clearance certificate from the applicant native country that he does not have any criminal record

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