How to apply for the driving jobs in Dubai

 here are various kinds of driving jobs available in Dubai, so you can easily choose one that suits your requirements and number of hours you wish to work. Here with the kinds of the jobs you will also know that how you can How to apply for the driving jobs in Dubai. 1. Bus Driver  STS LLC needs a full time bus driver with a minimum work experience of 2 to 5 years, for high school and secondary school. You should have a valid UAE driving license to work as a school bus driver in UAE, and be in the 25-45 age group. There are no further requirements, and interested people can go for a walk-in interview to the company.  2. Bike driver for a restaurant  Food chains or restaurants need bike drivers to deliver menus and fliers, along with ordered food. It is a full time job with salary ranging between AED 2500 - AED 2800, and benefits like monthly incentives and tips. The requirements are a year of experience, UAE bike driving license, road sense of Dubai, fluency in speaking and understanding English, ability to read maps and follow directions. The salary isn't fixed and varies with factors like number of hits worked and number of items delivered.  3. Heavy Duty Truck Driver  Focus Media Printing requires a truck driver with at least two years of experience of driving around UAE, specifically Dubai. Other requirements are a valid UAE heavy duty driving licence, ability to speak and talk in English, ability to prepare reports and communicate with general public and law enforcing officials, along with a clean driving record. You can apply by emailing the company, and the salary will depend on number of shifts that you drive.  4. Office Driver  A full time office driver is required by companies to drive the company's senior management. The monthly salary ranges between 4000-6000. The requirements for this job are a 5 to 10 years work experience, high school or secondary school qualification, a valid driving livens and clean driving record, and ability to communicate effectively in English.  5. Personal Driver  Personal drivers are needed by many working people who cannot drive themselves. It gives the benefit of free accommodation and food. The requirements are just at least a year of driving experience and a driving licence, of course. The salary ranges around 2000 along with free food and accommodation. Working as a personal driver for a family is a good option if you're a student trying to raise money or an intern trying to gain experience. It's safe and there is not much hassle or heavy duty work.  6. Mini bus driver  Ajwan Technical Works requires a full time driver to driver a mini bus. It is a full time job with salary ranging around 2000, and provides the benefits of transportation and accommodation. A minimum work experience of 2 to 5 years is required, and UAE driving experience is a must. The salary can be increased by working overtime.    7. Bus driver from restaurant  Perks of working for a restaurant: Free food! With a salary of 2000-4000, restaurant chains offer accommodation, transportation, medical insurance, paid leave and a return ticket to your homeland after two years of service. A valid UAE driving license no. 5 is required to apply for this job. 


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