How to Apply For Security Jobs In Dubai

Security jobs in Dubai are available all over Dubai on contract, with a minimum monthly salary of 2000-5000, which increases with time and experience. The minimum education level required is a bachelor's degree, along with a 5 to 10 years’ experience in the same field.  The basic work at security companies is as a security manager, to provide office and administrative support, along with physical asset management services. You might also be given the task to manage a group of security guards who are looking after the organization's property and workers. You will also have to develop security procedures and enforce regulations to ensure peace, and communicate between all departments on the security needs and the measure being taken around the organization. On job, you will be required to use your past experience and fair judgment to plan your next move and implement it to accomplish goals. Most of the variety of tasks that are performed at security companies are identical to the previously applied concepts, practices and procedures, but still require an open mind and a level of creativity to come up with new security techniques. If you get hired as a security manager, your job will be mostly managerial and your position will be considered a senior level consulting within the organization. Functional, technical, and process leadership all come from this post, and the entire organization is dependent on this person for the management of security teams from different departments. The job is highly complex and ambiguous, and the person has to come up with new and fool-proof security measures, implement them, and recommend modern day equipment, facilities and fixtures.  You might also be required to pair up with the external security staff to decide the security positions, or train new security guards and show them how work is done on-the-job.  In order to prepare yourself for the job, you'll have to go through "The complete Security Manager's Guide" which states 29 key competencies that your employer expects from you. Each of the 29 competencies are described in detail in the report and the required proficiency level of each competency is also given, that is how important is each competency to play your role effectively. For instance, your job as a security officer may require an extensive experience in the auditing competency, and to demonstrate this experience, you'll have to have knowledge about the organization's internal auditing processes, practices and methods. To gain and implement this knowledge, you'll have to work using a vast range of tools and techniques, and design new criteria and techniques to test compliance in order to compare situations and develop a report on findings and recommendations.  You can apply for this kind of job anywhere in Dubai by searching up the famous security companies and providing them with the requirements. The salaries are at times negotiated on spot or are already mentioned on the application form, which you will have to fill in order to apply for the job. 


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