How to apply for hotel jobs in Dubai?

Dubai is of the largest and fastest progressing cities in UAE, which lies between Oman and Saudi Arabia and is bordered by gulfs; The Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf. Due to its central position and hospitality, people from all around the world visit the city and book a hotel, making the hotel industry a fast-progressing industry in Dubai. Here are a few hotel jobs in Dubai available right now:  1. Commis 3  A commis is a junior chef, and the position is currently required by Al Bustan Centre & Residence, Dubai, and UAE. The applications for this job can be sent in till 12th August 2015. The requirements are a 2-3 year experience in 4-5 start hotels, to prepare Chinese, Filipino and Continental food. The basic salary isn't specified but it promised to be attractive, and they hotel also promises accommodation, meals, uniforms, medical treatments, transportation, and a return ticket to home after every 2 years. The job can be applied for by visiting the hotel or online recruitment websites.  2. Front Office Manager  As a front office manager, you will have to plan and check all front house activity, the arrival and departure of guests, and that the needs of guests are being met. You will also have to safeguard the interests and welfare of guests, and ensure that all policies mentioned formally are adhered to. You will also be required to efficiently communicate information between the Front office and all other departments, and maintain a 'Manager on Duty' log. Apart from the front management, you're also required to minimize zero balance and provide adequate supply of materials and equipment to ensure smooth running of the front system.  To apply, you should be able to use Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and hotel management software. You should also have good oral and written skills, a well-groomed personality, and a positive and healthy attitude.  3. HR Clerk The HR clerk is responsible for providing clerical and office support to the office management, and coordinate and implement departmental activities. The job is feted by Hilton Garden Inn Dubai, Mall of Emirates, which is an award-winning yet affordable brand.  Specifically, as a HR clerk, you will be responsible to ensure effective communication between departments working on a project, direct mails and packages, attend phone calls, make copies of important papers, send and receive important mails, and maintain good relationships between departments.   On becoming a member of the hotel group, they provide you with reduced service charges, discount on services and personal benefits. The further details for requirements, benefits and salaries, along with the application form, can be found on the hotel's original website.  Hotel jobs in Dubai pay off good and have easy working hours, hence are the choice of many. A degree is required for financial management of the hotel, but the chef and other posts just require a few years of experience, mostly. You can visit hotel's websites in order to apply for the post, or pay them a visit if you live in UAE. 


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