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tourists and customers from other countries of the world visit this Emirate for different items. The majority of the businessmen land this Emirate for oil commodities deals and consignments. However, Dubai is a huge market of the gold and gold product that is why the people from other region visit this part of the world for shopping. Dubai has large shopping malls those contains different items and products and these things pull the

international customers. Now a day the security issues are faced by every country and region. Dubai provides fantastic security, peaceful living and working environment. Dubai hire top class security guards equipped with modern facilities of arms and scanning devices. Dubai inducts experienced and qualified security guards from inside and outside Dubai. The main task of security person is to secure the lives and property of the people of this Emirate. The security guards patrol and guard the assigned area and keep eyes on any illegal penetration in assigned area.
The security guards in industries and other workplace ensure the security of the employees and their properties. Similarly, the security guards also secure the lives of the inhabitants on highways, shopping malls, public places. The security guards services are required in almost all localities and premises. The educational institutes hire the security guard to secure the students from any mishap. The security guards services are also need in personal security at homes and offices. The security men usually appoint or installed on the gate of the companies, organization or offices for securing purposes. They ensure the security of the people within building and that is why they check all vehicles enter into the premises of the company. In Dubai hotels, hospitals and public places are secured by the security individuals. The security men usually armed with modern fire arms and other devices like scanners and metal detectors. All security guards have special skills to monitor the security devices without the assistance of any other. The security persona regularly monitors the closed-circuit's cameras and other devices to ensure the one hundred percent securities.
Dubai security guard responsibilities.
Dubai security guards protect and secure the property and lives of inhabitants off this Emirate. However, the followings are some basic and fundamental responsibilities of the security guards.
1. Security guard in Dubai continually patrols the given area and secures the accommodation of the staff, secure buildings, respond fire warning and any other mishaps. 
2. Security guard ensures security of the all human and protection from any danger. 
3. The security guard responds the call from the higher authorities regarding fire or any other emergency. 
4. The security guard monitor closed-circuit cameras observe alarming system and stop any suspicious individual. 
5. The guard continuously monitors and patrols the restricted areas. 
6. He also ensures that all the security measures are up to the standard and all devices are working properly. 
7. He also fulfills all the signed duties and task given by the higher authorities. 
Dubai security guard job procedure.
Dubai companies, organization and other institutes advertise their jobs for security guards in their leading newspapers as well as online jobs advertising websites. These securities guard jobs are also filled with the assistance of the recruiting agencies. The recruiting agencies usually advertise the vacant position in newspapers and range test and interviews session under the observation of Dubai higher authorities. In this way they pick the skilled, qualified and experienced security guards from different countries. The employer or company arranges the work visa for the employee or security guard. In this regard the employer or company representative filed case in the ministry of a labor for the permission of hiring oversea employee. If there is no native individual is available to get this job. The ministry allows the employer and the employee lands in this Emirate on entry visa. However, within next 60 day the employee arrange permanent work visa, labor card and residence visa. The employee will also clear his medical examination.
Dubai security guard requirements.
Dubai authorities always try to hire skilled, qualified and experienced security individuals from other region of the world. However, the followings general requirements are considered before inducting the security guard. 
1. The minimum qualification for security person is intermediate or higher than this. 
2. The security guard must have minimum two years experience or retired from Police or Armed forces. 
3. It is preferred, in case he has Dubai department of protection system certification. 
4. He must have in good physical status and mental alertness. 
5. He can easily operate and monitor all security system within security premises. 
6. He should be equipped with the knowledge of public security and procedure. 
7. He should be good in understanding English as well as native language of this Emirate.


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