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Dubai is a financially stabled Emirate among other Emirates of the United Arab Emirates. Dubai has large numbers of foreign and native companies working in different sectors. However, Dubai is the main hub of business in UAE. The majority of the companies are working in constructions, oil and gas exploring, transportation and refining.

However, other than these there are various other segments in which overseas employee offering their services. Dubai companies and organization usually advertise their jobs in leading newspapers and online websites. However, Dubai also hires employees through recruiting agencies. Dubai always prefers skilled and qualified employees from other countries of the world. The major sector in which employees get handsome salary package and other facilities is oil and gas companies jobs. Oil and gas companies in Dubai usually hire skilled and qualified employees in this sector and enhance the national economy of this Emirate. In this oil and gas industries there are different types of jobs which are assigned to qualified, skilled and experienced individuals. These oil and gas jobs are amazing because of fantastic salary packages and other facilities. The followings are some important jobs of this sector.
Dubai engineering jobs in oil and gas companies.
Dubai oil and gas companies are very much based on different kinds of engineers. Engineering jobs applicant must have a relevant engineering degree as well as experience of that particular filed. The Engineering jobs are divided into many categories, but they must have minimum bachelor degree in their specific filed. The oil and gas companies usually hire mechanical engineers, petroleum engineers, electrical engineer, civil engineer, control engineer, drilling engineer, design engineer, fire protection engineer, instrument engineer and inspection engineer. Although there are different kinds of engineers are involved in this filed, but few engineers are more relevant. The civil engineers survey the project and provide a detail of the topography and other relevant information. The petroleum engineer is concerned with extracting the raw petroleum products from the wells. All these engineering jobs are professional and demands professional degree along with the relevant experience. These oil and gas engineering jobs holder get handsome salary package along with other facilities. 
Dubai traders jobs in oil and gas companies.
The oil and gas companies in Dubai always require traders job during their operation for oil and gas extracting, exploring and even refining. The applicant has more chance to be included in traders category if has the apprenticeship from recognized company. The majority of the trader jobs demand skills, experience and certification. The followings employees or skilled individuals are included in this sector of traders like welder, rigger, electrician, crane operator mechanic, painting and coating, pipe-fitting, plumber, power plant operator and labors. These skilled employees can apply in oil and gas filed vacant jobs. These jobs are also filled with the assistance of recruiting agencies. The work visa for these jobs is usually arranged by the company or employer from Dubai. All these jobs offer well salary package as well as other facilities like accommodation, food and medical assistance.
Dubai management jobs in oil and gas companies 
Dubai oil and gas companies also need management team to manage the whole company and organization. The management team members are usually qualified and have related experience. In oil and gas companies there are different types of management jobs like supervision jobs, safety jobs, human resurfaces jobs, etc. all these management jobs have the keen observation on production, supply and profit. The employee of these jobs must have qualification, experience, ability and leadership qualities. The executive jobs usually demand minimum bachelor degree in relevant subject like business management, business administration an engineering. The jobs included in this management sector are sites manager, project manager, health, safety and environment manager, operations manager and business manager. Inspection manager, maintenance manager, quality control manager, sales manager and human resources manager jobs are also included.
Dubai design jobs in oil and gas companies.
The designing management team is responsible to design, develop and make different parts of the equipment used in operation. This designing team works with cooperation and guideline of engineers. The designing jobs demand skills, qualification and experience from the design job applicant. The normal qualification for these jobs is bachelor degree, diploma, etc. The designing jobs include CAD operator, CAD designer, electrical designer, instrument designer, piping designer and structural designer.
Dubai drilling jobs in oil and gas companies.
All these drilling jobs in oil and gas companies are technical and require specific skills and experience. These jobs demand physical fitness and mental alertness as well as expertise are specific filed. These technical jobs usually demand certification from the recognized technical institutes. The oil and gas companies in Dubai usually advertise these technical jobs in this category like driller, drilling supervisor, rig manager, well control specialist and well services supervisor. These jobs need work visa or permit from Dubai oil and gas company that is usually arranged by the employer on the behalf of the employee.

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