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Dubai is a fantastic cosmopolitan city in Gulf region. It host and accommodates millions of people from other countries of the world. The skilled and qualified workers from other region of the globe visits this country to get a good job with handsome salary. Dubai has hundreds of local and international companies operating in different sectors like oil and gas exploring, construction and other industries.

These companies and organization hires skilled, qualified, talented and experienced workers from abroad. These companies need different types of workers, engineering jobs are also common this part of the world. The engineering jobs are usually advertised in oil and gas companies as well as in construction companies in the shape of civil engineers. However, the oil and gas companies need mechanical, electrical and petroleum engineers. These engineering jobs demand professional degree in relevant field from the reputation university as well as relevant experience. Dubai engineering jobs are fantastic because of good salary and other provided facilities by the companies.
Scope of mechanical engineering job in Dubai
In Dubai there are hundreds of oil and gas companies as well as industries and they require qualified mechanical engineers to run their business smoothly. The mechanical engineering profession is very old and that is why it required in the majority of the industries and companies. The mechanical engineer resolves all issue in mechanics and that is why the companies and industries hire the mechanical engineers from abroad. The mechanical engineers are inducted by both private and government sectors due to their expertise in particular field. In Dubai there are different other sectors also hire the mechanical engineers like defense, telecommunication, automobile engineering and many more. The mechanical engineers are the most demanded trade in this region, but the engineer must be equipped with relevant experience as well as degree from the recognized university.
Nature of mechanical engineering jobs in Dubai 
The mechanical engineers in Dubai are appointed by the industries and companies to run their system smoothly. The mechanical engineers keep eyes on the internal as well as the external part of the machines and resolve all issues or disorders of the equipment. The mechanical engineers also assist in designing the tools or part of the machines with the help of modern techniques. The mechanical engineers also enhance the capacities of the machines performance by alteration and changes within the machines. Mechanical engineers also produce prototype of all devices which are being used in companies. The mechanical engineers also reshape or redesign the system to increase its performance. The mechanical engineering is also related with the designing and manufacturing of internal combustion, electrical generators, gas turbines, steam turbines and air conditioning system. 
Mechanical engineering jobs salaries in Dubai
Dubai is famous for its handsome salary and other provided facilities to the employees of different categories. However, the mechanical engineering jobs are the highly qualified and experienced people and that is why these jobs offer an excellent salary packages. The average salary package for the mechanical engineer is about 118,355 AED per year. The experience is the prime factor between the fresh and seasoned engineers and that is why the experienced engineers earned more than the newcomers. The majority of the mechanical engineers are promoted to higher ranks within company after getting enough experience and they manage the company. There are different designations assigned to the promoted Mechanical engineering in Dubai and in this way their salary package increase many times.
How to apply mechanical engineering jobs in Dubai 
The Mechanical engineering jobs are required by all oil and gas companies, many industries and some other institutes. These jobs are usually advertised by the companies or industries in leading newspapers as well as their own websites. The jobs, advertising websites also announce these jobs online. The mechanical engineer from recognized university of the world is eligible for this mechanical engineering job in Dubai. The engineering job applicant submit his detail curriculum vitae along with other supporting documents in company or industry which has advertise that particular position. The executives of the organization when reviewed this application, then they called to interview. In this interview the applicant proves his eligibility and expertise. In case the executives pick that particular mechanical engineer, then they assigned the task.
Mechanical engineering job visa process.
In case the mechanical engineer is from foreign country then the employer or company arranges for him the work visa prior to entering in this Emirate. The employer submits an application in the ministry of labor to hire the overseas employee. The employer also proves and the ministry checks that there is no one available in this Emirate to get this job. In this way we are hiring from the overseas. The labor ministry permits the employer to induct the mechanical engineer. The mechanical engineer enter in Dubai on entry visa and then arrange the permanent work visa, residence visa and labor card. All these documents allow the mechanical engineer to live and work in this Emirate. However, this work visa is issued for a limited time and it can be renewed after maturity or expiry.


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