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Dubai is a fantastic and lading Emirate among other Emirates of United Arab Emirates. This Emirate is famous for its business dealings and visitors. The majority of the visitors visits this part of the world for oil and gold purchase and assignments. Moreover, Dubai also has fantastic shopping malls and which offers fantastic products. Dubai as an international market offers luxurious and quality products from fashion to gold and from electronic to soft engineering products. Dubai accommodates all skilled and qualified workers in different sectors. It hires qualified and experienced people from other countries of the world. Dubai encourage the individuals to have the unique features and expertise and that is why this international city of the world. Dubai has hundreds of native and foreign companies, organizations, institutes and even educational institutes. Dubai offers fantastic jobs and handsome salary packages along with other facilities. However, Dubai also demands valid work visa from the oversea employees and workers. This work visa is usually arranged by the Dubai employer or company. Dubai always welcomes the skilled and qualified workers from other parts of the world, but on valid work visa. The followings are some leading companies in Dubai which offers good numbers of jobs to skilled and experienced employees from other countries of the world. 

1. Abacus consultants FZE
Abacus consultants FZE is a fantastic company in Dubai, which is providing excellent information technology system and its solution from last seven years or so. This company always welcomes sincere, hardworking, qualified and experienced individuals from other countries of the world. The company is usually looking for the qualified information technology experts who have a solution of latest issues in this field. The individuals for this company must have relevant degree in information technology as well as experience of this field.
The Advansoft also include in the leading software company in Dubai. This company deals in software, programming and apps. This company is a real merger of software professionals. These software professionals offer the solution of latest merging problems in software devices. They are looking for the smart, qualified and skilled software engineers from other region of the world. This company offers handsome salary package along with other facilities. The company prefers the outstanding hard worker of this field who are clear in their vision and creative attitude. This company often announces software jobs for professionals. 
3. Independent food company
This independent food company deals in foods and food products in this part of the world. This company has different restaurant and lounges. This company is related to food and it usually requires food experts or professionals having the food background. This company or organization always prefers the qualified and experience people from other parts of the world to fill the gap of expert in this company. This company offers handsome salary package and other facilities. Independent food company prefer professionals and dedicate individuals having the same background.
Al Qudra sports management company is deals in sports products to other region of the Emirate. This company hires skilled and qualified individuals related with marketing of sports goods. The company usually inducts sales representative having the experience of sports goods and equipment in United Arab Emirates. This sport company offers well salary package and other facilities like transportation and food.
Al shamsi holdings company is dealing in retails. However, this company has fantastic business in this region. This company often requires employees working with them in different capacities. The company prefers skilled, talented and enthusiastic individuals. This company offers good working environment.
This company in Dubai is a familiar company deals in trading. This company always inducts talented and experienced individuals from other parts of the word to enhance their shoes, carpet, textile and food products. This company basically requires marketing people having good experience and skills. Moreover, the salary package is fantastic with other basic facilities. 
This is a fantastic engineering company in this part of the world. Al Gurg consultants are basically deals in engineering consultancy. This organization is looking for the new talented individuals having the same background. The company is expanding to other region of the world and that is why it is going to hire the experienced, qualified and talents people for this organization. 
8. Metropolitan School of Business and Management UAE
Metropolitan School of Business and Management is running the school system based on British business schooling system. This organization requires talented, qualified, experienced and active teachers in different subjects to provide quality education in this art of the world.  
This is food company operating in Dubai and now expanding its field force and for this going to hire qualified and experience employees from other region of the world. This company provides quality products with economy round the clock. 
10. Nexus Insurance brokers LLC 
This company is already in GCC countries and increasing its field force with talented and active employees. This insurance company prefers the mentally alert people and offers handsome package with other facilities.

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