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Dubai is included in the seven Emirates of the United Arab Emirates. This Emirate is comparatively modern and financially stabled because of large exports. This emirate is now a cosmopolitan city where different nationals reside and that is why it is a multicultural society. Dubai has different companies, organizations, institutes, commercial units, offices, educational institutes, hospitals, hotels and other business units.

All these require computer experts or Information technology experts. This is the age of computer and in advance it is the era of information technology. In Dubai there are large numbers of jobs, which are related or come under the information technology sector. United Arab Emirates and specifically Dubai is leading in infrastructure, expert, marketing and commercial dealings that is why this Emirate needs more IT experts from other region of the world. Dubai hires these qualified, skilled and experienced information technology experts from overseas. The information technology experts perform different services in different organization from banks to educational institutes and from industries to construction companies.
Dubai advertises different information technology jobs in leading newspapers and online websites. All information technology experts who are equipped with any information skill will be adjusted in this part of the world. The programmers, developers, Java, SAP, Oracle or C++ experts are mostly required in this sector. In Dubai the information technology companies are there to perform different services and these companies’ hires IT people from other countries of the world. There are some leading information technology holding companies are also in Dubai like Microsoft, KPMG, Sun Microsystems, Intel Corporation and Logica CMG. These are a great source of high quality and well paid IT roles within the city. However, all information technology jobs demands relevant qualification and experience. The followings are some important information technology jobs .
Cloud computing engineers jobs 
The main task of the computer engineer are to build, design and maintain system. Moreover, repair or manages it as working order. The system is organized by cloud providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. The followings related jobs are also under this title just as cloud architect, cloud consultant, cloud product and project manager. Similarly, cloud services developer, cloud software, network engineer and cloud system engineer jobs are included.
Computer network specialist jobs
The computer network specialists design and maintain data communication network and system. This job title needs bachelor degree in computer science or relevant field. This computer network specialist category also have some related expertise like computer and information research scientist. Similarly, computer systems analyst, IT analyst, IT coordinator, network an administrator, network engineer, network systems administrator and telecommunications specialist are also included.
Computer support specialist jobs
These computers support specialist assist the computer users and institutions. These professionals provide facilitation in computer networks by checking evaluating network systems. This job usually demands bachelor degree or certification. The followings jobs are also included in this category of information technology like customer support specialist, desktop Support Specialist and IT support manager. The IT support specialist, IT systems administrator, technical specialist and technical support engineer are also enlisted in this category.
Database administrator jobs
Database administrators assist is data storage, protect the data from unauthorized use, mange data based system and keep it secure for future use. The educational institute, financial organization and airlines hire database administrator’s jobs. There are some other relevant jobs also comes under this job title like data center support specialist, data quality manager, database administrator, etc. 
Information technology analysts jobs
The information analysts keeps the commercial data in storage. They also maintain the customer’s record, clients information and other relevant details. The followings are some related jobs which also included in this category like senior system analyst and systems designer. 
Information security specialist jobs
The information security specialists secure the store data in private and government holding websites. This job expert protects the system and computer network from hackers. The information security specialists use different types of precautionary measures like installing and using software and in this way protect the system from cyber attacks. The following jobs title also included in this category just as information security manager, etc.
Software developer jobs
The software developer designs, operate and test different computer programs. This IT expert creates new software, programs and applications. The required qualification for this job is bachelor degree, programming expertise and communication skills. This category also have some key jobs under this title like application developer, applications engineer, associate developer, computer programmer, Java developer, NET developer, programmer, software engineer and systems software engineer.
Web developer jobs
The web developer jobs are common in Dubai and the web developer design, create and modify websites. The web developer jobs need bachelor degree along with experience. However, additional specific qualification is also required like HTML, JavaScript, or SQL. The web developer category also contains some other jobs like front end developer, web administrator and web master.

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