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Dubai is situated in Gulf area of the Arab world. Dubai is an Emirate of United Arab Emirates. Dubai is an important city and Emirate of UAE because of large gold markets and oil production. Dubai earns it's main economy from petroleum exports and gold marketing. Dubai malls are famous all over the world for gold, gold products and gold jewelries. Dubai is also visited by the international businessmen,

traders and purchasers. Similarly, the tourists from other countries of the world also visit this part of the world for sightseeing and exploring. Dubai is a commercial hub of this region and attracts more visitors, tourists and business community. All the visitors, tourists, businessmen, purchasers, official people and other guests are accommodated in top class hotel and restaurants. The hotels in this Emirate are classic, and marvelous because of world class hospitality and services. Dubai hotels offer the best accommodation, foods and other related services through skilled, qualified and experienced staff. These world class hotels often advertise their jobs in leading newspapers and online websites.
Hotel in Dubai is a fantastic place that is look like home because of high quality services and comfort. The guests enjoy the services and pleasure of environment due to skills, qualified and experience hotel employees.
The front desk officer or receptionist welcomes the guests and visitors in hotel while the housekeeper ensures the hygienic condition of the rooms and other places. Similarly the manager oversees the whole scenario of the hotel and keeps the environment smooth. The hotels in Dubai have large number of staff within building, but they perform their assigned duties and services. The each and every staff member of the hotel takes keen interest in his assigned task. Hotel usually runs under the good administration and management. Hotel usually has the following staff which has their specific job in hotel. All these hotel jobs are advertised and announced in leading newspapers and websites. The followings are some key position in the hotel and they have their particular role in hospitality industry.
Hotel Manager jobs in Dubai.
Dubai is a world class city and has fantastic hotels. The hotel in this part of the world hires more skilled, qualified and experienced manager. The hotel or general manager often run the hotel and control whole administration. The hotel manager controls the whole management of the hotel. He keeps the eye on the requirements of the guests and satisfies the employees as well. The manager is also responsible for financial performance and revenue generation from this business. The manager for hotel in Dubai must have at least graduation in business administration, hospitality management and have a sound experience of this filed.
Hotel manager job responsibilities.
Hotel manager is an executive of hotel and manage all the affairs of hotel. The followings are some key responsibilities of the hotels manager like. 
1. Hotel manager recruit hotel staff train them and supervise the staff.
2. He controls and manages the hotel budgets.
3. He keeps and maintains the hotel financial record. 
4. He also manages the queries and complaints of the guests and resolve employee issues.
5. He tries to enhance the hotel business.
Hotel receptionist job in Dubai
The receptionist is the mirror of the organization and it is usually an active gentleman or lady. Hotel receptionist usually has graduation and understands basic computer knowledge. Moreover, he /she should be good in communication and public dealing. The followings are some basic responsibilities of the receptionist. 
1. He/she welcomes the guests, other officials and keeps the record of visitors. 
2. He/she manages the reception office and other office record. 
3. He/she manages meetings, events and prepares meeting agenda. 
4. Arranges travel and booking hotels for the gusts in other cities and countries.
Hotel accountant job in Dubai
The accountant's job is necessary in hotel because the accountant organizes and manages the accounts. The accountant calculates the profit and loss during the season and in the end of the season. The accountant usually equipped with graduation in business management, commerce or in accounts. The followings are some key responsibilities of the accountant in hotel management.
1. He keeps the payment details of the hotel staff, expenditures and income record. 
2. He produces monthly report regarding profit or loss and other details of the budgets. 
3. He also assists the management in developing budgets and planning. 
4. He manages account and keeping the record of cash.
Hotel chef job in Dubai
In Dubai there are a lot of demands of good chef those can prepare continental, Italian, Chinese and native dishes. It is important for the chef's jobs that he must have relevant qualification and experience. The followings are the prime responsibilities of the chef. 
1. Preparing schedule and ordered dishes for guests.
2. Making a list of kitchen food items for daily use.
Hotel waiters job in Dubai
Waiters are the representative of the hotel and they have a direct contact with customers, they take order, deliver food and beverages. Waiters also gather cash as a bill from the customers. The waiter's qualification is usually graduates and has good communication skills.


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