Dubai airport work visa process

Dubai is included in the rich country or Emirates of the Gulf region because of huge oil export. This Emirate also has fantastic gold shops and even malls. The purchasers from other region of the world visit this Emirate for these items. Dubai is a busy Emirate because of huge influx of the visitors, tourists and purchasers. Dubai airports are also busy due to large numbers of passengers.

Dubai airline is enlisted world top ranked airline. The large number of visitors in this Emirate also crowded the airports and other public places. Dubai airport administration is doing fantastic job and smoothly controls the huge influx of the tourists.
The airport authorities have good, skilled, qualified and experienced airport staff that facilitates the tourist. Dubai always tries to hire more qualified and skilled employees to overcome the employee's shortages. Dubai airport authorities advertise these airport jobs in leading newspapers and online websites as well as their own website. The airport authorities also fill these jobs with the assistance of legal and registered recruiting agencies. Dubai airport usually advertise jobs related to administration, security and management sector. However, other general jobs related with different trades. The followings are some key jobs at airport.
Dubai airport Manger job. 
The airport manager is usually appointed by airport authorities and he is responsible for airport operation or activities. The airport manager keeps on eye all activities and going on processes as well as other staff and departments. He manages all concerned task in time and plan for any emergencies or hurries. He also ensures the safety of the airport, other passenger and their luggage. The manager also ensures the regularities of noise, emission of gases, airport equipment, etc. The manager also takes measure regarding safety an installation of new equipment for assistance.
Dubai airport operations manager job
This manager works under the airport manager, he manages the daily activities of the airport. He ensures the safety of the airport and international visitors. He is also responsible for incoming and outgoing airlines. He clears the airport from any hurdle and natural hazards like rain, snow or any other thing.
Dubai airport air traffic controller job
The air traffic controller is trained by the government and he is responsible for takeoff and landing airplanes. He also manages the airport properly for landing airplanes and removes all hurdles. He assists the navigation as well as airline pilots during the landing. 
Dubai airport security job
Dubai airport security is ensuring the safety and protection of the international guests and tourists. The airport security scans the luggage, detect things through metal detector and stop the suspicious individuals. 
Dubai airport sky caps job
The sky caps helps the passengers in loading and unloading their luggage. They also guide the traveler toward the right direction. They also assist the airport staff some other tasks and assignments. 
Besides these jobs there are many other jobs related to airport all these jobs demand qualification, experience and skills. The airport authorities advertise these jobs in newspapers and their own website. The airport job also announce in other jobs providing websites. The airport authorities invite application from the relevant applicant both through online as well as through courier service. The applicant provides all relevant documents along with application. The airport authorities short list the applicant and arrange test and interview in different countries also selects more skilled and qualified individuals. The recruiting agencies or agent also arrange the test and interview under the supervision of the Dubai airport authorities. 
Dubai airport work visa procedure.
Dubai airport authorities arrange airport work visa for the newly appointed employees. In this regard the airport authorities apply at the labor ministry for the permission of the hiring overseas employee for the airport job. The airport authority representative files a case in relevant ministry. Airport representative ensure the authorities that there is no national available to get this offered job and that is why we are inducting foreign employee. The labor ministry confirms this and then issues the entry work visa. The airport worker enters on this entry works visa and then arranges with the assistance of employer their permanent airport work visa.
The work visa demands the medical examination from the employee at Dubai hospital. The medical examination contains different tests including X-rays, blood test and urine test. Moreover, the bio metric scanning is also done by the authorities. On the clearance of this medical examination the airport job employee get permanent work visa as well as labor card. The residence visa allows the airport work visa holder to live and work in this Emirate until the expiry of this work visa. The airport works visa is issued for a limited period, but it can be renewed after maturity by depositing visa processing fee. The visa processing fee is usually paid by the employee for his work visa extension.

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